5 obnoxious contestants who refused to leave the talent show stages


How many times have you watched a talent show where a contestant just can’t take the word “no” for an answer? While their perseverance is admirable, some people who don’t wow the judges with their auditions refuse to leave the stage.

This happens on all series, no matter where they take place. Contestants on talent shows like The X Factor UK, Britain’s Got Talent and more are choosing to beg, plead and cry to get what they want with the judges. Although their tactics normally never work, you have to admit it’s quite entertaining to watch. Here are five times a contestant refused to leave the stage or the judges’ room.

5. Eskimo Blonde

Girl trio Eskimo Blonde returned to The X Factor UK to redeem themselves in 2006. During their original audition, they were told that lead singer Hari had the best vocals among the girls in the group. The group replaced Hari with a new member and auditioned with a Spice Girls song. The judges were not impressed.

Eskimo Blonde had seen their former bandmate Hari before their audition, so they didn’t want to take no for an answer. Hari auditioned as a solo artist and qualified for the next round. The Eskimo Blonde girls begged the judges to reconsider the judges’ three no’s. Simon Cowell and Louis Walsh got fed up and left the room while Sharon Osbourne dealt with their grief. Eventually, security had to escort them out of the hearing room as they cried and refused to leave.

4. Evil Ford

The 74-year-old had a huge personality, but the Britain’s Got Talent judges immediately hit their red buzzers for his musical act. Even though Mal Ford had tons of energy, the judges didn’t find his special talent. Instead of stopping the performance, Mal decided to completely ignore the judge’s reaction. Even the show hosts tried to get him off stage, but he kept performing.

Eventually, the audience started laughing and cheering along with Mal’s act. He started another song before leaving the stage! The audience and the judges continued to laugh. They even stood up as he bowed. In the end, the judges jokingly changed their minds and decided to push Mal to the next round of the competition. He wasn’t an aggressive competitor at all, but it was kind of funny that he didn’t want to stop the show.

3. Pat Ford

I firmly believe that Pat Ford only auditioned for The X factor because he wanted to get the attention of Britney Spears. He showed up to the audition with a bouquet of flowers and had previously mentioned that he wanted Spears to be his girlfriend in his biography filing. As if his love for Spears wasn’t enough, he decided to sing “Circus” as his audition song.

The audience started booing Pat halfway through her performance, until Cowell stopped her. After receiving four no’s from the judges, he continued to stand on stage and stare at the judge. Each of the judges seemed to be freaked out by his onstage antics. Pat asked if he could give Spears his flowers and Cowell said he would pick them up and give them to her. Ford was very emotional when he finally left the building, even refusing to speak to the production crew.

2. Jocelyne Hinton

This 34-year-old player took the stage with the X factor stage with pride in 2013. For her audition, she sang “Firework” by Katy Perry. Her audition went well until she forgot the words and seemed frustrated with herself. Eventually, Cowell stopped her performance.

Jocelyn started to sing another song as the judges started giving her reviews. Judge Demi Lovato asked her to stop, but Jocelyn started another song. The audience continued to laugh at her efforts, but she continued to beg and plead to continue in the competition. She promised Cowell that she was actually a good singer, but he couldn’t stand her singing anymore. He proceeded to escort her off stage.

1. Michael Lewis

In his first UK X Factor audition, Michael Lewis, posed as his idol, Michael Jackson. He received poor reviews from the judges and returned to the stage a year later as himself. He promised no gimmicks in his 2011 X factor audition and he immediately received a sour look from the judges.

Again, the judges weren’t a fan of the performance. While receiving “no” from the judges, Michael began to lie down on the stage. He then accused the judges of judging him before he even started singing. Michael was visibly upset, but ultimately took no for an answer as he left the stage.

What is one thing that five of these stage meltdowns had in common? Cowell witnessed almost all of them!

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