8 Tragic Deaths of Our Favorite Talent Show Stars That Will Give You Chills


It’s always sad to hear of the passing of fan-favorite talent show contestants. Regardless of whether their death was by suicide, accident, or murder, each story is truly overwhelming. Here is a list of talent show contestants who died too soon.

It’s no secret that talented people flock to competition series like american idol, The voice, England has an incredible talent, and more. After performing on live TV several times, the contestants are starting to have a loyal fan base by their side. Whether you’re a loyal fan of these singers or have never heard of them, here are their tragic stories.

1. Christine Grimmie

One of the competition’s most tragic star deaths to date is The voiceIt’s Christina Grimmie. She participated in season 6 of The voice on Team Adam and was clearly a fan favorite until the very end. She finished the season in third place and continued making music after the series. On June 10, 2016, Grimmie was shot while meeting fans after a concert in Florida. The killer committed suicide shortly after taking his.

2. Jane Marczewski also known as Nightbirde

It really hurts to have this uplifting singer’s name on this list. This AGT The Golden Buzzer recipient shared that she had spinal, lung and liver cancer before her audition and eventually quit the competition to focus on her health. Her original song stunned the audience and made her a favorite in the competition. Nightbirde passed away on February 19, 2022 after a four-year battle with cancer.

3.Anthony Riley

This street performer from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania lit up the chairs of the four coaches The voice. He was a favorite in the competition until he voluntarily retired to join a two-week rehab program. The 28-year-old was found dead in his apartment of an apparent suicide in June 2015. His body was only discovered when people complained about the smell in the basement of the apartment complex .

4. Jack Saunders

Jack qualified for the semi-finals this year on England has an incredible talent as a member of the dance group Green Force Five. The 25-year-old dancer had previously appeared on the X factor and those of Sky One i have to dance. He even had the honor of being the youngest paid dancer to perform at the London Olympics. Tragically, Jack took his own life on the morning of Sunday March 17, 2019. His mother later revealed she had no idea he was struggling with mental health issues. Green Force Five pulled out of the show out of respect for Jack.

5. Dr. Brandon Rogers

Dr. Brandon Rogers was a 29-year-old doctor in his first year of residency. He took to the stage with his incredible voice which had previously gone viral in a video of him singing a Boys to Men song as a scrub. Brandon auditioned for AGT in 2017 and was to continue in the competition with her incredible voice. Unfortunately, he was unable to participate in the next round as he died in a car accident on June 10, 2017. He was in the passenger seat on his way to a family event when his friend fell asleep at the wheel. Brandon died in hospital the next day. His family chose to still broadcast his audition in honor of his memory.

6. Janice Freeman

This singer surprised The voice at age 33 in 2017. She reached Team Miley’s Top 11 with her deep, soulful voice. Prior to the series, she had battled other illnesses, including lupus and cervical cancer. She died on March 3, 2019, from a blood clot that traveled to her heart. At the time, Janice was battling an extreme case of pneumonia. Miley Cyrus performed a moving “Amazing Grace” while failing to hold back tears at Janice’s funeral.

7. Ara Starblaze also known as Amy Burdett

Whether you know her as Ariel Burdett, Ara Starblaze, Arabella Starchild or Amy Burdett, you probably remember her from 2008 X factor hearing. She took the stage and Simon Cowell slammed her, declaring she was a total and complete nightmare after singing her original song.

Years later, Burdett committed suicide at age 38. At the time of her death, she suffered from schizophrenia. Her owner found her tragically dead with an incision in her neck and drug toxicity in her veins. A police spokesperson confirmed that there were no suspicious circumstances.

8. Beverly McClellan

This singer won third place in the first season on The voice. The judges were mesmerized by her talent and she made it into the top 4 of Team Christina. Prior to The voiceBeverly had won the Best Performer award at the National Music Festival in New York in 2004. In March 2018, she was diagnosed with endometrial cancer, and in October she died at age 49.

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