A family’s love wins the Crow Wing Co. Fair talent competition

On Friday, the Crow Wing County Fair awarded winners of their open tween, teen and talent shows. While each attendee got the crowds going, it was the connection between a grandfather and granddaughter that stole the show.

“I got a call from my grandfather when I was out shopping, and he was like, ‘Do you want to sing at a county fair?'” said attendee Ashley Miles to a teen talent show.

Ashley and her Kansas-born grandfather Ralph Anderson traveled more than 600 miles to visit family and participate in the fourth day of activities at the Crow Wing County Fair.

“It’s the teen talent show. We didn’t have too many contestants, but they were both well received and they both had talent,” said Crow Wing County President Sharron Ryappy. Fair Association.

Ashley spent most of her childhood singing at her grandfather’s country dance club, so with her idol watching and pushing her to achieve her goals, she stepped back in time with a Hank Williams tune, winning first place and the cheers of the crowd.

“It’s crazy, I thought I was going to face a lot more people, but I’m still happy,” Ashley said.

“I could barely speak there when she won, and I’m still so proud of her,” Ralph said. “It suffocates me, because I only live to help him develop a musical career because it’s his dream, and if I can help him achieve that, I have achieved my purpose in life. “

After the teen talent contest, there was another competition, this time open to anyone who wanted to participate. The two would team up, with Ashley on guitar and Ralph doing his best rendition of George Strait.

“First place is $100, second is $75, and third is $50, and they’re all vying for a spot to go to the [Minnesota] State Fair for amateur finals,” Ryappy explained.

With the duo on their way to the State Fair, they’ll have another chance to show off the talent born of a connection that’s built on love.

“I couldn’t ask for a better granddaughter,” Ralph said with a smile.

The Crow Wing County Fair wraps up its annual event on Saturday, August 7, themed Children’s Day.

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