All the Talent Show judges we wish would make a comeback


Shows like The voice bring in top talent to judge the shows. Our talent show judges are the backbone of the competition shows. The jokes, wit and expertise of the judges are all on display throughout a season. Executives scramble year after year offering big bucks to get the best. Some of the judges become legends in their shows, remaining for several seasons. Others not so much.

Randy Jackson and Paula Abdul

There’s no other way to kick off our list than to start with two originals. Randy Jackson and Paula Abdul helped usher in the talent show cultural reset. When american idol premiered in 2002, fans didn’t know what to expect. Still, the Season 1 finale pulled in nearly 23 million viewers. Audiences adored Jackson and Abdul’s relationship with his compatriot Idol Judge Simon Cowell. Even their not so pleasant moments had great chemistry. Jackson remained on the hit show through numerous redesigns for 13 seasons. Abdul stayed for seven years. Both have entered a new era in their careers. Abdul launched new music and a residency in Las Vegas. She also judged other talent shows and returned to american idol during season 19. Jackson managed several musical artists and continued to tour.

Mariah Carey

Make no mistake, Mariah Carey is the most successful judge to ever compete in a talent show. The singer, songwriter and producer received a huge salary for her one and only season on american idol, up to $18 million. Carey’s time in season 12 of american idol was shrouded in controversy as she feuded with her compatriot Idol judge Nicki Minaj several times. The “We Belong Together” singer continued to offer her expertise throughout the show while bringing the glitz and glamor that a diva would bring.

Miley Cyrus

It made sense for Miley Cyrus to join season 11 of The voice. Cyrus has one of the most powerful voices in music today. Although the singer’s vocal skills are often underestimated, Cyrus shone during her two seasons at the hit singing competition. The singer has been able to attract the attention of young people during her seasons. Cyrus was also a big opposite of some of the pop divas who served as judges on talent shows.


The successful producer has an ear for big talent. While our favorite talent shows do their best to bring in big names, they should keep in mind that the judges they bring in need to be able to speak in a way that helps guide contestants and push to do better. Pharrell has been featured in hundreds of songs and had chart success since the 90s. The voice he brought his eclectic style and was able to help select artists who otherwise might not have passed the blind auditions.

Adam Levine

The king of cool. Adam Levine helped launch The voice when it was a brand new singing competition. Levine’s laid-back style was refreshing to watch as he mentored budding singers. Her bromance with Blake Shelton has always been a show highlight. The singer has sold over 100 million albums with his band Maroon 5 and won countless awards. levine on The voice was a perfect match.

Alicia’s Keys

The 15-time Grammy Award winner was the type of judge who brought her musicianship to The voice when she joined on season 11. Keys was an avid performer whose career places her as the most millennial certified female R&B artists. The “Girl on Fire” singer focused on R&B. The second season of Keys introduced viewers to season 12 The voice Champion Chris Blue.

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