Army uses AI and automation in talent management efforts

Lieutenant Colonel Kristin Salingdirector of analytics and acting director of Army People Analytics, said the service uses artificial intelligence in several ways and one uses natural language processing and optical character recognition to process large volumes of paper documents to collect data and develop algorithms.

She told Forbes in an interview published Saturday how the military is using AI to support its talent management efforts.

“We also read and aggregate tons of professional survey information to develop robust professional competency models that we can use to make recommendations in our market,” Saling said. “On the other hand, we leverage machine learning models to predict attrition and performance for targeted retention incentives.”

Saling explained how the Army uses robotic process automation in talent management and personnel processes and how it works to identify issues through process and data mapping before launching cognitive technology projects and automation.

She cited the “availability of good data” as one of the challenges when it comes to advancing AI and machine learning in the public sector.

Saling also spoke about the studies to assess the readiness and resiliency of service members or the STARRS program and the AI ​​Scholars education initiative established by the Army AI Integration Center.

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