Drag Race España fans were gagged by a jaw-dropping talent show

Drag Sethlas kills during the talent show of the second episode of season 2 of Drag Race España. (Twitter/@sedderaside/WOW)

RuPaul’s Drag Race fans were left with their jaws on the floor after the queens’ stunning performances in the second season of the Spanish spin-off.

The talent show is an age-old challenge within the global drag franchise, allowing the queens to show off their incredible talents during live performances. But the Drag Race Spain The Season 2 Queens have absolutely raised the bar for talent for all future seasons, both in Spain and abroad.

Fans were wowed by Drag Sethlas’ stellar lip-syncing performance on a remix of Benny Benassi’s hit “Satisfaction.” the drag race The stage was decorated like a small race track, including the Spanish hunky pit crew dressed as a real pit crew as well as a small blue and pink car.

But then, in an absolutely shocking turn of events, the toy car turned out to be Sethlas disguised as some sort of drag-cepticon. The pit crew then assisted the Queen with a series of quick costume changes before reuniting for a stunning dance break that had the judges and fellow contestants squealing with delight.

Sethlas then completed the fabulous lip-sync by jumping out of a huge box and landing in a perfect separation – breathtaking.

drag race fans took to social media to discuss the sensational performance, with one person even saying it was “hands down the best talent show performance in the entire franchise.”

Others shared their amazement at the talent of the Drag Race Spain the queens are and have pleaded with others who might experience drag race burnout to try the show because they won’t be disappointed.

Even the Spanish queen Choriza May, who was one of the contestants of the third season of Drag Race United Kingdom, shared that she is “addicted” to the show. She told fans on Twitter that she was left “speechless” after the talent show episode, adding “those girls are something else”.

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