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VANCOUVER, British Columbia, July 28, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — ESE Entertainment Inc. (“we, SEA“, or the “Company”) (TSXV:ESE) (OTCQB:ENTEF) is pleased to provide an update on the previously announced esports talent show, SkillzVault by Bitcoin Vault, which is developed by ESE in partnership with Bitcoin Vault.

SkillzVault by Bitcoin Vault is the global project spotlighting up-and-coming amateur esports athletes looking to turn professional. Participants from 5 countries – China, Japan, South Korea, Vietnam and Brazil – will compete in mobile games, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) and Peacekeeper Elite (China), a flagship game product of Tencent Holdings Ltd. (TCEHY: US). Players who win the respective qualifiers will team up with star influencers. Ten influencers – two from each market – will not only train and sponsor the finalists, but will also compete alongside them in duo games in a final stage. Influencers participating in SkillzVault by Bitcoin Vault are shown below.


The lineup of Chinese influencers is led by Cyan68, who has 6.7 million followers on Douyin (a video app similar to TikTok in China, also from Bytedance). Cyan68 is also very active on social video-sharing platform Kuaishou, amassing an average of nearly 2 million views per post. Its trademark is creating fun PUBG content with a good dose of humor to lift the mood of its subscribers. YuChengHao is another top Chinese influencer, well known to his 3.9 million followers for his joy and spontaneity. He always finds new ways to play the game and entertain his fans.


Japanese game GENJ1 is a human highlight reel when it comes to playing mobile shooting games. The combination of his special “Six Fingers Claw” technique with unorthodox gameplay has earned him over 1.4 million loyal YouTube subscribers, making him one of Japan’s top mobile game content creators. Zelarl is a Japanese streamer who shines on YouTube, attracting 214,000 subscribers, and is also very active on Twitter. He was previously a professional player for the Cwerld team, but announced his retirement in 2019. Since then, he has focused solely on streaming.

South Korea

Duchi & Bbuggu is a South Korean gaming YouTuber with 509,000 subscribers. He is an all-rounder who plays PUBG, FIFA and Starcraft, and knows how to attract and interact with viewers by creating funny talk shows. Sad TV mainly focuses on PUBG Mobile content. He is known for his original thinking and fast-paced gameplay. His YouTube and Twitch channels have a combined 182,000 subscribers, and he primarily provides his fans with live gameplay streams because he values ​​interaction with his community members the most.


Quang Cuon and Tien Zombie V4 are star influencers who will lead the rivalry in Vietnam. Quang Cuon gave up his job as a technician to become a professional streamer. He has not only grown his YouTube channel to 1.38 million subscribers but is also very popular on Facebook where he has amassed 2.1 million followers. Apart from being a famous player, Quang Cuon has also entered the acting field. Tien Zombie V4 has legendary status among PUBG players in Vietnam and was the first person to receive the YouTube Golden Button in his country. Thanks to video reviews, sharing of gameplay experiences and highlights combined with its funny voice, elegant and luxurious gameplay and skillful handling, Tien Zombie V4 has received many compliments from its vast fan base – 2.49 million subscribers on YouTube. His productions are also very popular with CrossFire players in China.


The Brazilian rivalry is led by Tecnosh, who is a professional PUBG player who currently focuses on video game streaming and production. His YouTube channel which has 2.14 million subscribers is populated with gameplay videos from PUBG, Valorant and Among Us. Tecnosh is also very active on Instagram and Twitter. TobocoTV is a 33-year-old Brazilian commentator who has worked for the biggest gaming brands in the world, like Riot Games. During his career, he commented and moderated prestigious tournaments on the Brazilian and European scene. Currently, he is focused on streaming on YouTube and Twitch, with 270,000 subscribers combined. His Twitter and Instagram accounts are followed by 280,000 fans.

“As a proud sponsor of SkillzVault by Bitcoin Vault, we send our greetings to all esports stars and participants, and wish them happy gaming and good luck to anyone who wants to launch their professional gaming career with this brand new first and only tournament series” – says Radek Popiel, Communications Director at Bitcoin Vault.

“It’s exciting to have some of the top influencers in their respective markets participating in SkillzVault by Bitcoin Vault. Their passion for the game, their dedication to their fan base, and their eagerness to play side-by-side with up-and-coming players not only guarantees a great pleasure, but also a high visibility of the project,” says Jędrzej Stęszewski, Director of European Operations at ESE.

SkillzVault by Bitcoin Vault will launch on August 2, 2021 in South Korea. The Japanese edition will follow on August 23, 2021. The project will conclude with a finale in Brazil on November 21, 2021.

ESE is responsible for the show’s production and infrastructure, including project concept development, media plan, technology implementation, marketing and overall campaign rollout. Other partners involved in the project include VYRAL Producer of Gaming Projects, VidWe, Converters and Next Level Agency.

Winning Media Engagement

ESE also announces that it has engaged Winning Media (“WM”) to provide strategic digital media, marketing, branding and data analytics services (the “Services”). The Company has agreed to pay WM USD 150,000 in consideration for the Services to be provided for a period of 6 months. The agency will provide specific functions for the digital dissemination of public information relating to the Company. WM and its officers have no direct or indirect ownership interest in the Company and will not receive any Company securities as compensation for their services. ESE and WM act at arm’s length. Winning Media is a Houston, TX-based marketing agency specializing in digital marketing and corporate branding services to improve company visibility and retail investor awareness. The agreement with Winning Media remains subject to certain filings by the Company with the TSX Venture Exchange (the “Exchange”) and acceptance of the Exchange.

About Bitcoin Vault
Bitcoin Vault (BTCV) is the main sponsor of the SkillzVault tournament series. BTCV is a cryptocurrency designed to provide an additional level of security based on a 3-key security solution allowing reversible transactions without compromising the immutability of the blockchain. It features all the convenience of Bitcoin while adding important features, providing users with transparency and freedom.

About ESE Entertainment Inc.
ESE is a Europe-based entertainment and technology company with a focus on games, particularly esports. ESE consists of several assets and world-class operators in the gaming and esports industries. Capabilities include, but are not limited to: physical infrastructure, broadcast, global distribution of gaming and esports-related content, advertising, sponsorship support, and an online esports team franchise. growing, K1CK Esports. ESE focuses on bringing Europe, Asia and North America closer together. |

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