Extreme’ Replace ‘Go-Big Show’ as the most intense talent show?

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The new spin-off show America’s Got Talent: Extreme may sound familiar to fans of Go Big Show. AGT: Extreme focuses only on the most dangerous and large-scale talent, without the typical singers and dancers you might find on the traditional AGT format.

This is the exact premise of the TBS series Go Big Show, which is currently in its second season. The overwhelming majority of the show’s participants are stuntmen and acrobats who put their lives on the line with every performance. The similarities between the two shows have us wondering if Go Big Show can hold out.

“America’s Got Talent: Extreme” vs. “Go-Big Show”

AGT: Extreme premieres on NBC on Monday, February 21 and will run for four weeks. Judges Simon Cowell, Travis Pastrana and Nikki Bella will judge acts that embody the series’ “extreme” title. These acts are often overshadowed by more traditional talent in the show’s original format.

The new series will air alongside Go Big Show Season 2, which is currently in its second season. However, Go Big Show airs on Thursday nights, so the shows won’t directly compete. The grand prize for AGT: Extreme is five times more than Go Big Showat $500,000.

Where the shows seem to differ the most is in the format of the competition. Go Big Show uses a showdown system that pits competitors against each other, rather than AGTThe audition format, where judges send acts to the next round regardless of their competition. Go Big Show also uses scores to decide who passes, whereas AGT uses “yes” or “no” votes.

One similarity is that both shows are pre-recorded, so viewers at home can’t vote for their favorites. On Go Big Showit is entirely up to the judges. On AGT: Extremethe fate of the contestants is determined by a combination of the votes of the judges and the votes of the “superfans” – similar to the configuration of AGT: the champions.


Is there room for two extreme talent shows?

With AGT: Extreme the first on a major network, connected to a long-running talent show format, is Go Big Show doomed to be canceled before its third season? It drew a million viewers for its first series last year, but AGT attracted at least five times that number each week in 2021.

Go Big Show didn’t elicit the most enthusiastic response from viewers either. It currently has a score of 4.1 out of 10 on IMDb, with 36.9% of voters giving it one star. A negative reviewer described the show as “If AGT had no budget and showed up without a date.”

AGT: Extreme also previously made headlines ahead of its premiere for an on-set injury that sent stuntman Jonathan Goodwin to the hospital. Viewers could tune in to see how the show resolves the accident, which led to a production hiatus last year.

While AGT does not necessarily steal viewers from Go Big Show, it is certain to attract a wider audience. However, it’s not entirely ruled out that two extreme talent shows exist at the same time. After all, there are plenty of song and dance shows on competing networks. Why wouldn’t stuntmen have so many opportunities to shine?

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