Jessica Jung to enter talent contest for female celebrities 30+

On May 17, the Chinese streaming platform Mango TV announcement the complete cast of the third season of Sisters making wavesa popular talent show featuring female celebrities over the age of 30. The age-appropriate program is celebrated by Chinese fans, who are incredibly excited for a VIP guest appearance in season three: Korean-American singer Jessica Jung.

The hashtag as the ad garnered over 130 million views on Weibo in just a few hours.

Enjoying a massive following in China, with over 6.6 million followers on her Weibo accountthe 33-year-old singer, songwriter and actress shot to fame as a former member of the K-pop Girls’ Generation group in the mid-2000s.

Over the past five years, Jung has strengthened its position in the Chinese market by starring in Chinese film I love this crazy little thing (2016) and sing songs in Mandarin.

Although her talent as a singer and actress has not faded, Jung has outgrown her idol image and is now recognized as an entrepreneur in her own right. With a clothing and lifestyle brand, a restaurant in Seoul, and a book under her belt, her net worth in 2022 is valued at $42.2 million.

Chinese netizens are delighted with Jung’s participation in Sisters making waves. Many expressed their support by creating fan-made posters and posting comments like, “She can sing and dance; I can’t wait to see her on stage!”

jessica jung sisters making waves

A fan-made poster with a detailed list of Jessica Jung’s past accomplishments

The new season of the TV show will see returning contestants like Taiwanese singer Annie Yi. The program will also feature newcomers – to keep things interesting, such as ultra-popular Chinese-Canadian actress and singer Kelly Yu Wenwen.

Seasons one and two of Sisters making waves has taken China by storm, thanks to its cast of older, established contestants – a refreshing change and a stark contrast to most Chinese talent shows, which only focus on largely unknown young starlets. The series also challenges the stereotype of ‘remains of women celebrating their talents and accomplishments.

Although an official release date has yet to be announced, the third season is expected to be released as early as May 20.

This article was updated at 6:57 PM on May 17, 2022 to clarify that the cast list for the third season of Sisters Who Make Waves was released today, May 17, not March 17, as noted. previously.

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