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At the age of 4, Connor Rowan participated in his first THON in 2016.

Now 10, he is 6 years cancer-free after being diagnosed in December 2014. To celebrate this year’s THON, Rowan of course took part in the annual Kids’ Talent Show.

An avid basketball, tennis and “Fortnite” player, Rowan said he was doing the talent show “because it’s fun” and enjoyed being in front of the people at the Bryce Jordan Center. He and his family said they were happy to be back for THON.

“They’ve done a great job this year bringing him back in person,” said Connor’s mother, Marianne Rowan. “It’s nice to be back.”

Connor, who is from York, Pennsylvania, participated in the annual Kids Talent Show at the 50th THON, which featured different THON kids with various talents including dancing, singing and more. It was held on the Saturday of the THON 2022 weekend.

Her talent was performing a dance with her organization to the song “High Hopes” from Panic! At the disco. He excited the crowd and even “spun”.

According to Marianne, Connor’s older brother Alexander was his brother’s videographer from the audience.

Connor’s mother said the group supporting them, Alpha Phi Omega Service Fraternity, is “simply amazing” and they go “above and beyond” for the whole family. The Brotherhood theme this year was Spider-Man, much like Connor’s freshman year at THON.

Marianne said Connor always asks to be on the talent show every year, and it’s “special” that the organization gets involved with them.

Wearing a shirt from when Connor was first diagnosed, Connor’s father Michael said he also enjoys coming to THON, the world’s largest student-run philanthropy, every year to focus on the fun things in life.

“It’s kind of a positive thing that means things are going to be okay,” Michael said.

Marianne really appreciated the fact that THON involves the whole family, and she said she was happy to be back this year with her children.

“Connor is focused on all the fun things and we feel special. All of these people are coming together for us,” Marianne said. “It takes away all the bad things that have happened, and it brings back good memories every year.

“Instead it’s like, ‘Do you remember last year at THON? Do you remember when we did this? instead of thinking about hospital stays.


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