Modern Sky, one of China’s biggest music labels, launches talent TV show

It’s that time of year again. It’s time for another round of new musical variety shows attempting to connect with what young Chinese children are listening to.

One of the biggest variety show hits of recent years has been the rock and roll show, The Big Band. While this show has announced that it will be taking a break from filming this year, the void left behind will be filled by a new musical talent show, strawberry man, which will debut this Friday. It is produced by one of China’s biggest independent labels Modern Sky, Chinese streaming platform Youku, ticketing platform Damai and another label, The Better Life. Watch the trailer here:

The show is essentially the TV version of the Strawberry Music Festival, one of the country’s largest outdoor music festivals, which was launched by Modern Sky in 2010. Musicians will compete with each other as they will perform outdoors in a festival setting.

The show’s lineup includes a mix of 24 up-and-coming bands and indie musicians, covering a wide range of styles.

Wuhan Hardcore rock band Raver in Tears, formerly known as AV Okubo, join the show following the release of their recently released debut EP under their new name: WUHAN2020.

Electronic musician Shii will also bring her catchy vocals and experimental songwriting to the stage.


Wuhan-based artist Shii digs deeper into his music in China-Australia video project

The show’s mentors include Taiwanese pop singer Jam Hsiao, co-champion of china rap Season 1 features GAI, one of China’s most famous record producers, Zhang Yadong, and comedian Chizi.

If you can’t wait until tomorrow to sink your teeth into a dramatic music show, Tencent’s new rap show girls like us is launched tonight. The show focuses to female rappers in china and was originally scheduled to screen earlier this year, but has been plagued with delays. Iconic pop star Jackson Wang will also appear on the show as a mentor. Watch the pilot here:

Another hip hop music show, rap star will launch its second season on Chinese streaming site Mango TV this Sunday. Veteran rappers Danko, MC Pharaoh, Boss Shady and Key.L all join as mentors.

Cover photo: Courtesy of Strawberryman

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