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Celebrity hosts are one of the things that make or break talent shows. Celebrity hosts keep the energy going even when an act isn’t on stage. They keep the audience tuned in and are mostly seen with a smile on their face.

I truly believe that every good talent show has to have a good host to be successful. If you watch some of the biggest shows, you’ll notice that they’ve always had great hosts. american idol is still one of the biggest talent contests to date. Even in 2022, I think Ryan Seacrest is one of the best hosts on TV.

Whatever your talent show preference, take this simple color quiz to reveal which celebrity is actually your favorite. We don’t need any other information to guess your favorite.

Which celebrities have hosted talent shows the longest?

Some of the most beloved celebrity hosts are those who have been on their shows the longest. Believe it or not, Tom Bergeron has hosted the most talent show seasons of any host. Bergeron hosted Dancing with the stars for 28 seasons. DWTS fans loved him and are still angry that he was replaced by Tyra Banks.

Ryan Seacrest comes in second place. He was the only host of American Idol in its entirety on the air. While the format and the judges have changed, Seacrest’s position has not changed. He’s so popular on that show that he signed a $45 million deal to continue hosting it, but he’s now only getting $10 million a season in the reboot. At one point, he was considered the highest-earning presenter due to his $45 million contract.

Below the defending champions are two hosts who I think will achieve equal popularity, Nick Cannon and Terry Crews. Cannon is no stranger to hosting shows after Wild ‘N Out, but he’s found a place among the top talent show hosts. He hosted America’s Got Talentt for eight seasons, as well as The Masked Singer for six. Cannon has a big personality onstage, so I’m sure he’ll continue to thrive as a host.

Crews on the other hand is a total natural. Before making his mark in Hollywood, Crews was a professional football player. When he retired, he decided to become an actor. One job led to another and eventually he started animating in 2014 on Who Wants to Be a Millionaire. He joined the America’s Got Talent franchise in 2019 with AGT: the champions and has been the beloved host ever since.

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