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I still have goosebumps from Monét’s opera x

It’s not an All Stars season without an iconic talent show – and All Stars 7 kept us waiting until the finale and through 10 episodes of maxi challenges before deciding to bless us with queens doing whatever it takes. ‘they do. better. And, let’s face it, it was worth the wait. Even though the silly twist of giving the winners three Legendary Legend Stars each derailed part of the All Stars 7 competition, the talents were still talented! Here are the eight incredible performances from the All Stars 7 talent shows, ranked by how hard they KILLED.

8. Trinity the Tuck

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Trinity’s country bop was an absolute vibe. She looked stunning and for a queen who openly says she’s not a singer, is that absolutely happening? I’m starting my southern state era, I’m afraid.

7. Raja

Talent Show All Stars 7

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I love Raja so much, she is my all time favorite queen. She absolutely killed the competition this season and I’m so proud of her – and seeing her pay homage to Bali and the culture that inspired her creativity and drag prowess was so beautiful and special.

6. Yvie Weirdly

Talent Show All Stars 7

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Yvie’s talent show opening was such a gag that I still can’t get over it. I loved the pretense so much, and Monét flinched when she said he was sexy. Yvie ended the show with her trademark stunts and splits, and it was a killer. To be able to watch Yvie kill him like this as she opens up about struggling with her illness is so moving.

5. Hall of Jaida Essences

Talent Show All Stars 7

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What a season Jaida Essence Hall has had – a perfect reminder of how charming she is and how adorable she is. With her All Stars talent show number 7, Jaida’s original song is the perfect mix of references and bopability. And she dances the house DOWN in her look. Can anyone create clothes as consistently amazing as Jaida? Icon.

4. La Vivienne

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La Vivienne just put on an iconic show, right? The Diane Warren-penned Bitch On Wheels banger came to life, Viv looked unreal in this blonde wig. She’s such a terrific and watchable performer, whether she’s posing as a sickening celebrity or killing her own material.

3. Monsoon Jinkx

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Uh, pipes! I love every time Jinkx does a campy lounge number like only she knows how. It was the definition of playing to your strengths – with a shove of a microphone in his mouth. Proof that she was singing live!

2. Monet X Change

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I love the tumultuous relationship Monét’s singing voice has had on Drag Race, and I love even more that with the All Stars 7 talent show, she finally puts all naysayers to bed with her moment of operatic trick. of strength. It was truly breathtaking – I don’t think any queen in Drag Race history could ever do something like that. A worthy runner-up to the episode’s scene-stealer…

1. Shea flow

All star 7 twist

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Plenty of queens have gone on the talent show and done a lip-sync number to their own tunes, but few have done it with the levels of superstar star quality that Shea Couleé did on All Stars 7. C was perfect, a Super Bowl Halftime Show performance lends stratospheric levels of excellence. Goose bumps.

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