SEVENTEEN in CARATLAND: a talent competition with sincere content deeply rooted in versatility

It’s not every day that you come across powerhouse artists like SEVENTEEN who have tightened their grip on the music industry at every step and led to a level lit with multi-faceted accomplishments. March 25-27 was personal for the 13 boy band who traveled to Jamsil Stadium in Seoul, South Korea for 3 days of joyful encounters with their fans, CARAT.

The sixth installment of the genre, SEVENTEEN in CARATLAND, spanned over 4 hours of pure effort relying on an unerring skill set that showcased the band’s many attempts to please and enlighten their fans. With a specially curated set list based on CARAT’s most popular picks, the ‘Shining Diamond’ unit chooses ‘AH! LOVE’, ‘Light a Flame’, ‘HEY BUDDY’, ‘Do Re Mi’, ‘To you’, ‘Smile Flower’, plus the seemingly endless version of ‘VERY NICE’, as is customary.


The carefully selected favorites put on the perfect show of how SEVENTEEN really can do it all. Parts swapped and cover dances in place, these were surprising skits performed with the usual humor that the members possess, it was evident how desperately the boys were preparing for a meeting with their fans after 2.5 years.


With more surprises, followed the reveal of a new video that confirmed SEVENTEEN’s return. A new logo was filed at the end announcing the beginning of another era by SEVENTEEN. In addition, fans were treated to their own logo, a first for them. The two, when combined, create the perfect triangle and a nod to their unity as TEAM SEVENTEEN.


The 13-member group relishes the integration of various mindsets which, when fused together, produce masterpieces. With more music on the way, we can definitely expect more wonders from SEVENTEEN.

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