Snows rolls out a talent management program for all staff

Snows Motor Group is rolling out a new company-wide talent management program.

The group launched a group-wide onboarding program two years ago, which created a shared onboarding experience for onboarding employees at all levels.

The new employee-led talent management program also runs from the point of hire and gives employees feedback on their contribution to the business and clear, managed pathways to develop and advance their career.

Katie Snow, Snows’ Director of Development, worked with the Human Resources department to develop the program.

She said: “The business has had a huge period of expansion in recent years and more recently of course we have had a global pandemic.

“Like all businesses, we have diversified and adapted, especially online.

“But it’s essential that all employees, new and established, can see the impact of their contribution now and in the future and are able to grow and reach their full potential.”

As part of this program, annual talent review meetings allow staff to measure themselves against Snows behaviors and metrics, chart their own personal development, the extent to which they have helped the company achieve its standards and whether it can be improved.

“The program not only enhances the development of our colleagues, it will also result in continuous improvement in all areas of our business,” Snows said.

While the first lockdown may have closed Snows forecourts for a while, Covid actually aid facilitate the first rounds of the new program.

“During the pandemic, we were able to shape the framework, while our steering group and sales managers went through their first training courses,” Katie explained.

“From its initial development to its ongoing rollout, it has been important for us to maintain the momentum and enthusiasm of the project.

“The most experienced executives also participated in the first phase of the rollout, undergoing their own talent review meetings and we are now continuing with a cascading effect through the workforce,” she said. .

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