Souparnika Nair, 10, impresses Britian’s Got Talent Show judges with her rendition of Zendaya’s ‘Neverland’

Souparnika Nair’s performance for the BGT semi-final wins her fans around the world

Souparnika Nair’s performance for the BGT semi-final wins her fans around the world

Ten-year-old Souparnika Nair is the latest sensation in the musical firmament. AR Rahman tweeted a clip of his performance for the ‘Britain’s Got Talent’ (BGT) audition on ITV, UK, adding “Good to wake up to this”.

Souparnika won the hearts of the show’s judges with her rendition of ‘Never Enough’, sung by Loren Allred in the musical
The greatest show on earth .

“It’s a dream come true. I’ve been working and training for this for the past year,” says Sou, as she likes to be called, on a Zoom call from Suffolk in the UK.

Shocked by her confident performance, many celebrities including actor Mohanlal, singer KS Chithra and author-politician Shashi Tharoor reached out to congratulate her. Tharoor also shared the link of her performance on Twitter and urged people to vote for her. With 67.2,000 subscribers on his YouTube channel, Sou is making waves with his music.

Although she started her audition for Britian’s Got Talent singing Judy Garland’s “Trolley Song” in
Meet me in St. Louis, Simon Cowell, one of the four judges, stopped her performance halfway through and asked her to sing “Never Enough.”

Souparnika Nair

Souparnika Nair

Was she nervous about this sudden change in plans? “A little, but then it went well. So everything was fine. The audience supported me and at the end I got a standing ovation,” she said with a smile. “‘Never Enough’ was one of the songs on the list I gave to the judges and yet it wasn’t easy,” she adds.

Sou clinched her spot in the show’s semi-finals with this rendition of hers. Her semi-final performance aired on September 12 and the judges gave her a standing ovation after she finished singing “Neverland,” sung by Zendaya in the musical.
Finding Neverland . Admirer of the singers of yesteryear Doris Day, Judy Garland and Julie Andrews, she also follows Christina Aguilera. Sou has been learning music since the age of eight.

“We noticed that Sou could get the pitch and rhyme of the songs she was listening to. Her elementary school teacher noticed her innate talent in music and Sou won a few awards as well. That’s when we decided to train her in music,” says Renjitha Chandran, Sou’s mother, a trained Bharatanatyam dancer. Her father, Dr. Binu Nair, who is in medical oncology, is a carnatic singer.

Souparnika Nair

Souparnika Nair

Sou believes his aptitude for music comes from his father, who still occasionally performs at festivals. Sou’s parents, both from Kollam in Kerala, moved to the UK six years ago. She explains that the songs are chosen in consultation with her parents and the BGT team.

“My parents are proud of me. My classmates told me that they watched the show and that I did well,” she says. Fluent in Malayalam, she adds that her grandparents from Kerala are also extremely proud of her.

Admitting that she’s excited and happy “because I got great feedback from all over the world,” she adds that she can’t wait to sing on the Western stage as a professional.

To the rhythm of the ballet

The versatile Sou is also learning ballet, and if not for the pandemic, she would have passed her fourth grade exam for ballet.

For two years, Souparnika has been giving public performances. She performed at the London Palladium as ‘Unexpected Star’ in a show hosted by Michael Mcintyre on the BBC in 2019, which turned out to be her first TV programme.

And does the reading of song in Indian cinema excite him? “Oh yes! I would love to do that,” she said without hesitation.

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