Talent Management for a Hybrid Workforce (webinar)

Wednesday, June 15, 2022, 2:00 p.m. BST

The past two years have changed so much in the workplace, but what has been the impact on talent management?

As your employees divide their time between work and home, it can become more difficult to measure certain aspects of performance, and managers can struggle to spot an individual’s true potential.

Different personalities have adapted to remote work in distinct ways, which can sometimes mask their behaviors and disguise their abilities.

So what can HR teams do to ensure hybrid working doesn’t get in the way of strong talent management? How to identify talents in this new way of working and how to develop people in a fair and effective way?

This Personal Today webinar, in association with Talentia, addresses these questions and more by bringing together a panel of experts to discuss this emerging challenge.

Join Rob Moss, Editor-in-Chief of Personnel Today, along with Claudia Porretto, Head of People and Systems Development at Italian payment provider Mooney, and Fabio Cardilli, HCM Product Manager for Talentia, as they examine the issues that affect talent management in this new world of work, providing lessons on what works and highlighting potential roadblocks.

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  • The information you need for successful talent management in hybrid working
  • How to track mobility potential and opportunities
  • Identify skills gaps and succession shortages
  • And how best to monitor risk and readiness.

The 60-minute webinar includes a live Q&A session so the audience can submit questions to our panel.

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About our speakers

Claudia Poretto is responsible for people and systems development at Mooney, an Italy-based payments technology company. A cultural anthropologist, Claudia has been working in talent management in multinational companies with a strong digital identity for 10 years. During her career, she has contributed to the design of performance management models and the digital transformation of HR processes. She is passionate about technology and D&I, and one of the founders of a non-profit organization that addresses the digital divide and building networks among women working in technology.

Fabio Cardilli is a product manager at Talentia Software. Fabio is responsible for product vision and positioning, multi-country requirements, macro-design, marketing support and pre-sales operations. He graduated in Information Sciences at the University of Bari and has worked in the IT sector for more than 20 years focusing on the use of technology for the improvement of human capital and the simplification of HR processes.

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