The best talent management events and conferences to attend in 2020

This is a directory of the best talent management events and conferences. We do our best to provide readers with resources for buyers and practitioners, including the Solutions Review Buyer’s Guide. Sometimes, however, you need the extra exposure, the kind you can only get in person.

The editors of Solutions Review have created this list of the most anticipated talent management events of the year. We’ve scoured the web, consulted with conference reps, and identified where the industry’s top brass will be spending their time. If you’re looking for top-notch keynotes, engaging sessions, best-practice demos, and legitimate networking opportunities, mark your calendar.

All conferences listed are organized by independent analysts, researchers and media. We have not listed solution provider or vendor centric user demos. Talent management events are listed in chronological order and may include additional dates. By clicking More information directs you to the event home page.


Dated: January 22-24

Location: Toronto, Canada

The description: The HRPA Annual Conference and Trade Show brings together the people and companies redefining human resources to deliver the industry’s boldest and brightest ideas, innovations, solutions, tools, resources and best practices. . With 8 world-renowned speakers, over 75 HR professional development sessions, tons of networking opportunities, and over 250 exhibitors showcasing cutting-edge HR products and services, the HRPA2020 annual conference and trade show is the place to be. most influential event in Canada for leaders and HR professionals who want to stay one step ahead.

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North American HR Executive Summit 2020

Dated: January 27-28

Location: Orlando, Florida

The description: Human resources professionals face constant change as their organizations work to advance goals, develop projects, and shape the corporate culture of senior management and its workforce. They are responsible for implementing top-down strategies, as well as understanding feedback and contributions from grassroots and frontline workers. The North American HR Executive Summit brings together the “who’s who” of industry leaders, leading service and solution providers, and media partners from across North America to network, compare, share, and learn from real-world solutions to the universal challenges that all HR Professionals face in their daily work.

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Hiring success

Dated: February 11-12

Location: San Francisco, California

The description: Founded by an HR Tech startup, Hiring Success was developed on the premise that technology can revolutionize human resources and talent acquisition. The Hiring Success 2019 conference offers a variety of sessions that explore core HR Tech topics, such as blockchain in recruitment and augmented reality. Attendees can expect top industry speakers, exceptional content, the latest innovations including a hackathon and Startup of the Year recruiting competition, hands-on learning and working sessions, and networking opportunities with the brightest minds in talent acquisition.

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HR West

Dated: March 9-11

Location: Oakland, California

The description: The HR West conference has been meeting annually for 36 years in the San Francisco Bay Area, attracting professionals from across the country, with a strong presence of Silicon Valley companies and their HR experts. These HR experts represent some of the most seasoned HR professionals who meet some of the greatest HR demands of the profession, as they practice HR in California and around the world.

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People Analytics and Workforce Planning Conference 2020

Dated: March 23-25

Location: At HCI’s People Analytics & Workforce Planning Conference 2020, you’ll learn how to integrate your people strategy with your business strategy from a hand-picked group of thought leaders, practitioners, and experts. Benefit from peer-to-peer networking, workshops, and hands-on practices to support your human resource analytics initiatives across the talent lifecycle. Learn how to develop, adapt and execute workforce plans when your environment is constantly changing.

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SOAHR 2020

Dated: March 23-25

Location: Atlanta, Georgia

The description: AT SOAHR 2020 you can experience over 50 in-depth, cutting-edge sessions and workshops. You’ll leave the conference with pages and pages of actionable tactics you can apply as soon as you get back to the office, plus tons of strategies you can take back to your team. You’ll hear key insights and inspiring takeaways from leading experts and top brands, including Google, Turner, Panasonic, Georgia Power, Metro Atlanta Chamber, Randstad, ADP and more.

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Modern Business Experience 2020

Dated: March 23-26

Location: Chicago, IL

The description: Build relationships with your finance, supply chain management, and customer experience colleagues to help drive change. Connect one-on-one with your HR peers and colleagues to discuss best practices, lessons learned, and roadmaps to results. Hear expert insights into the future of work and learn about the forces shaping future HR strategies. Be inspired by HR managers and practitioners and gather tactical points to apply within your organization.

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Talent SHRM

Dated: April 20-22

Location: Orlando, Florida

The description: New recruiting strategies and tools are reshaping the competition for talent. Discover the tactics and technologies that help big companies and big brands attract and retain the best and the brightest. Return to your workplace with practical tools to forge a more competitive and innovative talent strategy. Poorly defined hiring criteria can prevent your organization from achieving maximum productivity and human potential. When there is a talent shortage, new pools of talent need to be tapped. Attend SHRM Talent for cutting-edge strategies and creative recruiting ideas that will help you explore non-traditional sources for your future workforce.

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Free America 2020

Dated: May 12-13

Location: Las Vegas, Nevada

The description: At UNLEASH America 2020, join the work revolution and a growing network of leading pioneers sharing their own workplace technology strategies that have helped transform the success of their organizations into a unique, interactive and exciting event of two days. Opening the door to the next decade, this unique event brings a new era of HR technology insights, also provides unparalleled access to best practices, trends, tools and techniques from Fortune 500 companies and start-ups on what works, what doesn’t and learn a clear and actionable strategy for introducing and cultivating new ideas and practices in your organization.

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Dated: May 13-15

Location: Denver, CO

The description: Does your recruiting program have what it takes to beat the competition for top talent? RecruitCon 2020 will continue to help talent acquisition and management executives and leaders discover new and emerging recruiting practices – while providing access to new technologies and cutting-edge analytics, streamlining the hiring as a process and providing data as the basis for decision-making.

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Strategic Talent Acquisition Conference 2020

Dated: June 22-24

Location: Everett, MA

The description: At HCI’s 2020 Strategic Talent Acquisition Conference, you’ll learn how to rethink and prioritize your approach to talent acquisition at every touchpoint. Consider how process design can improve talent outcomes. Learn from industry experts, leading practitioners and your peers in the audience to identify, attract and acquire the best talent you never knew existed.

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HR Tech Conference

Dated: October 13-16

Location: Las Vegas, Nevada

The description: As the industry’s leading independent event for over 20 years, HR Tech offers an unparalleled cutting-edge program for HR and IT professionals from businesses of all sizes! Focused primarily on achieving HR success through technology, the HR Technology Conference is for those looking to continuously optimize the use of today’s HR systems as well as those looking to buy. This is where you’ll get the information you need to help you make critical HR system decisions that will fuel your business while meeting your organization’s unique needs.

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ReimagineHR Conference

Dated: October 26-28

Location: Orlando, Florida

The description: The “future of work” conjures up images of robots, automation and artificial intelligence. But there are more subtle underlying trends that HR leaders need to recognize and exploit – trends that will fundamentally change the way work gets done. Join the ReimagineHR 2020 conference to get a critical update on the future of work and the progressive practices you need to build your HR action plan. Discover emerging trends and gain insights from exclusive Gartner research that will enrich your strategy and drive more meaningful business results.

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