The Lake season 1, episode 5 recap


Lake begins to lay the groundwork for well-balanced and complicated relationships, which the series badly needed.

This recap of the Amazon original series The Lake season 1, episode 5 contains spoilers.

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Lake summary of season 1, episode 5

Teesa, Billie’s birth mother and Justin’s best friend, introduced herself at the end of the last episode. She comforts Billie during the night and Justin sleeps at Ulrika’s house. When Justin returns, Billie begins to freeze him, not inviting her father to Riley’s house. Expert: Miami-inspired RKI showing. In a good display from Justin, he’s not jealous that Teesa is a better parent. He is jealous that Billie can spend time with his best friend. Their reunion prompts them to enter the annual talent contest, where Teesa will show off her skills as a professional singer.

Teesa, showing that she is the only mature parent on the lake, tells Justin to give Billie more time while the freezing continues. She describes her father as a hysterical Muppet, and Teesa has had enough. She takes Billie to see a time capsule that Teesa and Justin buried. This includes a photo of Justin holding Billie as a toddler. It’s not exactly comforting, as it reminds her of how Teesa gave her up for adoption.

Meanwhile, Justin helps Maisy prepare Opal for the talent show inspired by red Mill! They disagree on how the show should go as she fears the lake isn’t ready for Opal’s enthusiasm. So her son fires her because she is, as he puts it, she “straight washes” her performance. When Justin begins to offer Opal a bit of support, the young kid tells him he doesn’t want any of those “old gays” giving him some insight.

Before the talent show begins, Teesa asks Maisy why is she keeping their children from seeing each other? You know, on top of that fact, they’re cousins ​​by marriage. She doesn’t have a good reason, so Maisy brokers a deal. If Teesa gives up, she will allow Killian to see Billie. This paves the way for Opal to win the contest. Still, it’s not like the competition is tough. Riley does a puppet show on the road, and the mean girls can’t make one of their siblings disappear. Thus, Billie must perform independently, with Killian in the audience. Of course Billie is Teesa’s daughter and she is wonderful.

The end

At the end of the episode, the writers finally start offering reasons to care about the characters, who have been downright awful to each other. Now that Billie has almost won the contest, Opal heads to the boathouse. Maisy asks Justin to talk to her so he can offer his son some community support. Teesa cleans it up with Maisy so Killian and Billie can hang out. He offers her flowers, lilies, her favorites. In the last scene, mother and daughter are talking. She doesn’t want her to leave, but Teesa insists it will be fine. She has to give Justin a chance. But why, are his questions.

Teesa takes her daughter’s hand and places it on her stomach. She now knows that her biological mother is pregnant. Sixty years from now, she wants her daughter to let the current brioche from the oven come to her when she complains about her mother. And Billie can defend Teesa like she defends Justin. Before the episode ends, the biological father and daughter reconcile, and Billie better understands what Justin gave up so his daughter could have a better life.

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