The longest-serving judges of the talent show


Talent shows have been part of popular culture for decades. Since star search for The voice, the search for original talent has always generated huge ratings and helped create some of today’s biggest stars. There is no Kelly Clarkson or Carrie Underwood without american idol. No Brandon Leak Without America’s Got Talent. There would be no talent show success stories without the judges who critique, guide and mentor budding artists.

Simon Cowell

We can’t have a list of longtime talent show judges without the king of reality TV shows. Cowell first came onto the scene when american idol premiered in 2002. Judge was already known in the music industry, but now viewers got a chance to see just how cutthroat the entertainment industry could be. Cowell became known as the Wicked Judge for his harsh criticism of contestants. The TV producer is gone Idol in 2010. Since then, Cowell has continued to judge shows within The X Factor and America’s Got Talent franchisees. By bringing his own style of judgment to talent shows, Cowell has amassed a net worth of $600 million.

The judges of “Dancing with the stars”

There’s never been a panel of judges that lasted 30 seasons on a talent show. Carrie Ann Inaba, Len Goodman, as well as Bruno Tonioli were all part of Dancing with the stars since its inception in 2005. Each judge has brought something to the table as the show has been running for nearly two decades. Usually, competition shows are a revolving door of judges, but these three managed to go on without any rumors of a replacement. For the past two years, the show has only added the show’s former professional dancer Derek Hough to the judging table.

Blake Shelton

The self-proclaimed king of The voice, Blake Shelton was the longest-serving coach in the show’s 21-season history. Shelton is also the most successful, winning the show eight times in total. The country singer is known for coaching country artists to the finish line. Shelton has seen many great coaches come and go, but he has remained, becoming the backbone of the show.

Randy Jackson

Although fans haven’t heard his name in a while, Randy Jackson’s legacy cannot be dismissed. the original american idol judge holds the show’s longest-serving judge title, still today. Jackson on trial Idol for 13 seasons and watched the show grow steadily. These days, the producer is back on the road with the Journey band and promoting health with his business ventures.

Howie Mandel

The Canadian comedian joined America’s Got Talent in Season 5 of the show. Fans can agree that Mandel brought the funny with him after the judging table was revamped. Since joining the show, Mandel has made a name for himself as the funniest and craziest panelist, but also someone who had an eye for talent. Artist’s Golden Buzzer Pick for Season 11 Grace VanderWaal Won the Contest and Becomes One of the Most Successful America’s Got Talent deeds of all time.

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