These are the best Love Island Talent Show moments of all time

As the the island of love The 2022 finals are approaching, the long-awaited the island of love The talent show is finally back, giving our islanders of 2022 the chance to debut their hidden skills – so what better way to prepare for one of the funniest albeit scariest moments the show has had so far? now, with all the best performances from past series – you’re welcome!

The list of the best the island of love memes never gain more entries than with Talent Show Night – and in Islander Defenses, much like the Heart Rate Challenge, they really go for it. Nonetheless, there’s usually one of two moments that go down in history as the show’s funniest or worst moments.

As we prepare to see the talents of our current cast – we predict a killer dance routine from Danica and Tasha – let’s step back in time to the best moments of the challenge…

Love Island Talent Show Best Moments

1. Millie and the piano from Love Island

We still think of the keyboard interpretation of Millie Court by Ed Sheeran Perfect at least once a week for two reasons – first, it was the longest two minutes of our lives (no offense to Millie) and second, we can never forget the very mixed reactions of the islanders to this.

While Liam Reardon and some of the other boys in the villa looked at her admiringly and enjoyed the soothing notes, her best friend Chloe barely kept her head as she tried not to smile.

Kidding aside, Millie did a great job, but the whole storyline went viral, with her editing in the backgrounds of some of the most memorable. the island of love moments. You can even spy a cartoon version of her in a number of ITV2s the island of love ads.

2. Luke T and Siânnise’s dance number

This moment in season six was a real surprise – and a good one at that. The duo came out and performed a perfectly timed and seriously professional dance routine that blew us all away.

Although they are unfortunately no longer on the list of the island of love couples who are still together, the chemistry of this dance alone has proven that they are a true love match.

3. Chris, Kem and Theo’s rap

Chris, Kem, and Theo’s rapping throughout Season 3 is still, to this day, one of the show’s best moments, especially that time Chris asked if he should rap to “relieve the vibe”.

The trio got up and performed an original piece with Theo on the piano and well… see for yourself, see minute 4:42.

How they didn’t score a musical career after that, we’ll never know.

4. Chloe the math genius

After barely holding back her laughter during Millie’s performance, Chloe then stood up to prove she was a math whiz. She had her fellow islanders shout out equations as she solved them – until Liberty asked her to divide 250 by seven… (see minute 1:12)

5. Priscilla’s Killer Moves

In the same lineup as Luke T and Siânnise’s Synchronized Dance, Priscilla didn’t let herself be intimidated as she pulled off some truly awe-inspiring moves that put all the islanders on their feet. You like to see it!

6. Kady’s tap dance

Kady blew viewers away by debuting a top-secret tap-dancing talent! Although in her series, the pageant was called “Miss Love Island” and only saw the girls debut.

7. Liam channels Tom Jones

Liam followed in Millie’s footsteps with musical talent, singing Tom Jones It’s not unusual to his fellow islanders – and although he tried his best, viewers couldn’t help but point out that Millie had previously shared that her singing had given her the ‘hurt’ (see minute 9:14) .


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