What song from the 2000s should you sing for your talent audition?

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You signed up for your talent show audition online and the nerves are finally starting to kick in. Now it’s time for the hardest part, what song do you sing? It’s okay if you’re not a big fan of 90s music. We’ve got you covered with this 2000s music quiz.

You are auditioning for american idol, America’s Got Talent, The voiceor even alter ego? Trust me, we know which song you should audition with. Answer a few questions then practice!

The only rule is: if you actually audition with this song, you must mention us when you win the show.

The auditions for season 17 of America’s Got Talent have already started. Oh oh, no America? Here’s how you can still audition for the upcoming season.

For this audition, you will submit a video to the AGT producers. They recommend shooting your two-minute video in a bright/well-lit setting. Using auto-tuning apps like Smule or StarMaker is prohibited, you can’t submit highly edited video with processed vocals. You can have a backing track as long as they can hear your voice clearly.

As always, keep in mind that you must be over 18 to submit an audition. Any younger entrants must have parental approval. Before submitting, remember to watch your video before submitting. I can’t stress this enough, make sure you can be heard. This could be the thing that ruins your chances at $1 million.

Need help deciding which talent show you should audition for? american idol is holding auditions right now, just like AGTso practice and don’t forget to watch some tips from your old favorite Idol stars.

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